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Will Apple Rival Google?

World’s best telescopes target asteroids for ESA’s Hera mission

(5 March 2019 - ESA) In the coming days the largest and most powerful telescopes in Europe and South America will be trained on...

Intelsat 29e Total Loss Confirmed

After an incident of propulsion system leakage on April 7, Intelsat S.A confirmed late on April 18 that it has lost one of its...

Kongsberg supplies space electronics to Astranis

Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace will supply communications equipment (TC&R) to Astranis Space Technologies. The delivery consists of the functional interface between the satellite and the...

France And Australia Sign Landmark Space Cooperation Agreements

France and Australia held ministerial-level conferences on science and innovation in Canberra, Australia, The French delegation included France’s Minister for Increased Schooling, Analysis, and Innovation...

NASA, SpaceX launch first flight test of space system designed for crew

(4 March 2019 - NASA) For the first time, a commercially-built and operated American crew spacecraft and rocket, which launched from American soil, has...

OneWeb Follows Maiden Launch with Strong Investor Support

OneWeb has secured its largest fundraising round to date with the successful raise of $1.25 billion in new capital. This brings the total funds...

Iran has Put its First Military Satellite into Orbit.

Satnews Publishers: Daily Satellite News Last month, on the 41st anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Iran successfully put its first military satelliteinto...

Asteroids, hydrogen make great recipe for life on Mars

(25 March 2019 - JPL) A new study reveals asteroid impacts on ancient Mars could have produced key ingredients for life if the Martian...
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Will Apple Rival Google?

Apple has reportedly been secretly developing satellite technology to enhance its devices. A latest report by Bloomberg claimed. The IPhone maker may use its own satellite infrastructure...

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A Japanese Company is Turning Garbage to Artificial Shooting Stars

Astro Live Experiences, A Japanese Startup, is changing the way how we look at shooting stars. Astro Live Experiences will provide on-demand shooting stars display as early...

Leola Moss and Steve Young join ICEYE

(27 February 2019 - ICEYE) ICEYE today announced the appointment of Leola Moss, a seasoned satellite imaging and aerospace professional, as Vice President, Product...

India Shots Down a Low Earth Orbit Satellite at 300 Km...

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India shot down one of its satellites in space with an anti-satellite missile on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said,...

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