Kleos Space- Ready to Take-Off

Kleos Space

Luxembourg based company Kleos Space will be launching its first four nanosatellites on an Indian PSLV rocket from Chennai, India in December this year.

Kleos will initiate its Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) with its “Kleos Scouting Mission” (KSM) and will deliver data that is commercially available and will also act as a technology demonstrator.

Andrew Bowyer, Kleos CEO, stated that the company remains focused on securing government and commercial pre-order contracts. is “on track to generate revenues in Q1 2020”. The development of its next generation cluster of satellites will enhance data collection and increase revenues and customers.

In another statement Kleos said that they have passed the deployer fit check” that proves their conformity with the PSLV launcher. The launch campaign is expected to start in mid-November for four weeks before the launch in December. PSLV will launch the Kleos satellites along with other ride-share satellites in a 37-degree inclination orbit providing good ground track coverage.


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