A Japanese Company is Turning Garbage to Artificial Shooting Stars


    Astro Live Experiences, A Japanese Startup, is changing the way how we look at shooting stars. Astro Live Experiences will provide on-demand shooting stars display as early as 2020. ALE-2, a nano-satellite, will be launched into a LEO orbit 400 km above by RocketLab this month on 25th November.

    After the launch the company will run a few finals test before it makes it ready for an artificial meteor shower in 2020. According to Astro Live Experiences website, “the particle that will be used in ALE’s meteor is made of the same material as the space dust that rains onto Earth on a daily basis, and is a sphere of only 1cm. In total, the 400 meteor particles loaded onto our satellite will only have a mass of around 1kg. Therefore, impact on the environments expected to be minimal.”

    The CEO Lena Okjima said in an interview to Space.com, “with this launch, we are a step closer to realiz[ing] the man-made shooting star. Please look forward to the world’s first demonstration we are aiming [for] in 2020, which will be a major milestone for ALE.”


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